n Without Prejudice - Corfu calls : not the law reports

Volume 11, Issue 7
  • ISSN : 1681-178X



Foss-Harbottle J: Nearly five years ago The Greek Bank, while on what the plaintiff's counsel impolitely called a fundraising tour, sold Greek bonds to The Local Bank repayable after five years, which has now expired. The Greek economy is in trouble and the reasons are obvious. The city state and democracy first appeared in Athens about 2 500 years ago. Civilisation in ancient Athens was soon followed by taxation. The Greek's have had taxation for so long they have grown tired of it and tend to ignore it which has not helped the Greek economy. With civil servants having jobs for life, a government office at the end of the day is the closest thing you get to resurrection. If you ever get the feeling that life is moving too fast, visit an office where the employees have permanent tenure.

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