n Without Prejudice - Punching above our weight : SAWEF




The 2nd South African Water, Energy and Food forum was held in Johannesburg on April 18 and 19. It was sponsored by heavyweight firms, Anglo American, Eskom, Exarro and Nedbank and was supported by the US Embassy and conceived and managed by the publishers, Gleason Publications, in partnership with Touchstone Resources.

This year the Forum central thesis was the Mega-Nexus, a term coined originally at the World Economic Forum, and which neatly encapsulates the overlapping relationship between these three elements so critical to the modern world.
The keynote speaker was Maggie Catley-Carlson, a former Canadian minister and diplomat, a holder of the Order of Canada, and one of the most respected contributors to high level debate among water scientists around the globe. The article which follows is her "report back" to various institutions and readers will note that she describes the South African initiative as being in the forefront of the international discussion.


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