n Without Prejudice - 'No' seems to be the hardest word... : labour law

Volume 12, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1681-178X



Any husband who ever had the privilege spending a Saturday afternoon shopping at the Sandton City sidewalk sale with his wife and her friends will, no doubt, appreciate the value of the right to say "no." When pressed, I am sure he would agree that he was readily aware of the mind-numbing excitement in store for him: fighting to balance fourteen shoe-boxes on top of twelve absolutely must-have designer jeans at prices "never to be repeated;" all while standing in a queue the length of which was last seen in the 1994 elections. Over a beer he will sigh and confess that it was very difficult to say anything else but "" when Wife asked him, in full view and earshot of the six closest, loving girlfriends, whether he would not just love to come along and give his darling wife a hand with some quick shopping before the next match kicks off.

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