n Without Prejudice - Tales from the US of A … : international

Volume 15, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1681-178X



bigLaw lawyers scolded for huge pleadings

Lawyer's outrageous remarks get him a suspension
Making bible official book of Tennessee violates Constitution
Artist who photographed neighbours liable for privacy invasion
Data from wearable devices as evidence
Cyber liability insurance needed by lawyers
Check your LinkedIn profile endorsements
Cops again arrest free-range kids
Doctor accused of vandalising grave to upset lawyer
Judge accused of illegal gun sales
Legal costs for public schools exceed $100 per student
Despite 10 years practice, lawyer had no law degree
Partners resign for directing clients fees into personal accounts
Woman gets 20 years for feticide and claims she illegally ended her pregnancy
Public defender charged with texting prostitute
Drugs fall out of lawyers' pockets
Civil rights case in parental fight over circumcision of four-year old boy
State troopers unlawfully react to clamped vehicle
Window washer who survives 11-storey fall is sued by driver whose car he struck
Gay death-penalty law is reprehensible and should be stopped according to AG
Homeowner's electromagnetic hypersensitivity suit against neighbour fails
Lawyer not liable for PI killed serving divorce papers
Sanctions imposed for argument that ""
Man can't smoke in own home due to neighbours secondhand smoke concerns
Judges dismiss 24 000 red-light-camera tickets
Civil rights suit by man arrested for cursing during 911 calls

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