n Without Prejudice - From Ireland to Peru : land-reform bonds - a potential solution : Africa Zimbabwe

Volume 15, Issue 7
  • ISSN : 1681-178X



Zimbabwe's land reform programme, an effort to distribute land more equitably, officially began at the dawn of independence with the signing of the Lancaster House Agreement. The land reform programme has been implemented in three phases: under Phase 1 (1980 to 1998) and Phase II (1998 to 2000) land was acquired under a willing-seller willing-buyer basis (about 75 000 families were resettled). Under Phase III - the "fast-track" phase - which began in 2000, land was compulsorily acquired, without compensation, for redistribution (about 162 000 households were resettled). Left unresolved, however, is the question of what should be done to address the issue of ownership under the fast-track programme.

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