n Without Prejudice - Tales from the US of A... : international

Volume 15, Issue 8
  • ISSN : 1681-178X



Lawyer's document review possibly devoid of legal judgement

Challenge to ban on outside ownership of law firms dismissed
Lawyer gets $100 damages for insults
City wins case over shooting wrong dog
Children sent to juvenile facility for rejecting dad are now going to summer camp
Lawyer disbarred for social media blitz
Liar caught out by Fitbit analysis
Woman banned from entering any Wal-Mart store
Cops charge arrested man for bleeding on their uniforms
Judge's aggressive cross-examination leads to acquittal
Missed court dates
Facebook lacks standing to challenge subpoenas of users' info in disability case
Courthouse shooter's relatives convicted of cyberstalking
Lawyer loses blog post suit then sues Google over comments
New DNA testing permitted despite deadline
No expectation of privacy for pocket-dialled call
Court blasts lawyers and scorched earth tactics
Court delays trial because of lawyer's Facebook post
Cops caught on pot raid video argue for privacy
Lawyer criticised for outlandish comparisons
93-year-old judge in 44-year-old case
Judge tells defendant he would do society a favour if he killed himself

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