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Blanket ban on renting to convicted criminals violates Fair Housing Act

Law firm sanctioned $25K for altered discovery documents
Pre-trial freeze on assets untainted by crime violates Sixth Amendment
Supreme Court splits 4-4 upholding mandatory union dues for public employees
Is an association of office-sharing lawyers liable for one member's malpractice?
Insider trader seeks hacker to access law firm networks
Facebook threats against judge lead to a 366-day prison term
Six month sentence and cellphone destroyed for courthouse photos
Outspoken judge's remarks
F-word settlement refusal does not require tossing of lawyer from case
Eighteen year kidnap victim loses damages claim against government
Judge reinstates employee fired for tweet
Female lawyers and law-related employees earn less than males
Latest $22K sanction for attorney increases sanctions to $166K
Reprimanded judge presided over his own divorce case


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