n Without Prejudice - Tales from the US of A ... : international

Volume 16, Issue 5
  • ISSN : 1681-178X



Fingerprint ID on smartphones may have less protection

Top attorney litigator sues mother for defamation
Judge serves time with accused
Court issues three opinions and overrules them the same day
Lawyer withdraws claim for lunch without soup
New jury required after juror questions lack of diversity
Prince estate required to value publicity rights
Drunken driving in one's own driveway is not a crime
Supreme Court refuses to hear challenge on life sentence for pot possession
Lawyers face ethics probe for violating Facebook privacy
Women lawyers at Wall Street firms are rarely partners
Amazon must refund parents for app purchases by children
Nine years in prison and $1.69m debt for hacking computer system
Journalist gets two years for helping Anonymous alter online story
Cell-site data didn't violate Fourth Amendment
Six months for stealing two paintbrushes and six months for contempt

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