n Journal of Contemporary Management - HIV / AIDS in South Africa : some educational strategies

Volume 1, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1815-7440



The future of the South African workforce is under threat. The objective of the research is to prove that a need for AIDS teaching in schools exists and to provide guidelines for its implementation through the alteration of schooling in South Africa. The research is based on various case studies, interviews, personal observations and literature studies.

Due to the threat of economic decline posed by HIV/AIDS in South Africa, a need exists to change the behaviour of the future economically active workforce. Recent studies in Africa show that teenage girls are five to six times more likely to become HIV-infected than boys their age. Furthermore, children whose mothers are uneducated risk a 45 percent greater chance of premature death than children whose mothers have post-primary education.
Since there are more female HIV carriers than males, girls' education is an absolute priority. The development of more child-friendly AIDS literature that can be used in schools and for community projects in rural areas is vital. Furthermore, a weekly life-skills period with a strong focus on AIDS should be introduced at schools from grade one to grade twelve to emphasise the importance of the topic to pupils.

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