n Journal of Contemporary Management - An ongoing project audit using control systems

Volume 1, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1815-7440



While automatic control systems for projects have been considered over the years, most authors finally realised that "systems do not manage projects, people do." Project auditing requires data; the data needs to be accurate and consistent. This article proposes a method, although rudimentary, for controlling projects by use of cybernetic controls. The feedback loop, while mostly always requiring the intervention of the project manager, facilitates a control mechanism consistent by design. The consistency and ongoing frequent requirement for updates generates the accuracy, consistency and reliability of the data. All too often by the time a post mortem study is done on a project, data has been adjusted to either make the project appear successful or the project manager appear dependable.

The forms developed are proposed in a spreadsheet format allowing for the control and flagging of costs, budgets, orders and resource usage overruns. The process of flagging prompts project manager intervention, and forces timely interaction with the project.
This article adds to recent research done in the development of control boards or dashboards for project monitoring, and adds the possibility for further study in the development of project simulation systems.

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