n Journal of Contemporary Management - Leadership coaching as a driver of successful organisational change in small businesses : a case study

Volume 10, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1815-7440



Leadership is one of the critical determinants of an organisation's success in navigating the challenges associated with operating in turbulent times. The nature of the specific leadership approach adopted has a potentially significant impact on an organisation's ability to meet the challenges of a business landscape characterised by continuous change. Leadership coaching is a strategy gaining increasing recognition as a driver of successful organisational change within this broader context of ongoing environmental change. In particular, leadership coaching can be used as an integral part of a strategy to bring about a desired change in an organisation's culture. However, there is a need for increased evidence of the success of leadership coaching initiatives in bringing about such change, at both the individual and group levels, over a long period of time. This case study attempts to make a contribution to this evolving field by demonstrating how leadership coaching at an individual and team level can facilitate successful organisational change in a small-business context.

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