n Journal of Contemporary Management - Management perspectives on dealing with contextual uncertainty and unexpected emergent events

Volume 11, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1815-7440



The economic meltdown and 9/11 in many respects were watershed events; they triggered unexpected effects that collectively have played a fundamental role in reshaping an emergent global landscape. It is one characterised by unprecedented technological innovation, socio-political upheaval, contextual uncertainty and as often termed to be "Black Swan" events that are extremely disruptive and have a significant impact on communities and institutions. The convergent emergent systemic effects and the uncertainty and unpredictability it engendered have exposed fundamental difficulties associated with traditional management practices based on ordered systems.

The research study methodology underpinning this paper is that of a multidisciplinary literature review directed at exploring management perspectives that are deemed to be more effective for dealing with a context of innovative and discontinuous change.
A key finding emerging from the research is the need to make use of the appropriate methodology for managing coexisting ordered and complex systems. Further found is the need for a culture of resiliency to deal with the transition from chaos to complex and ordered states.

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