n Journal of Contemporary Management - From a-maze to amazing : exploring aspects of consumer wellbeing

Volume 12, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1815-7440



The telecommunication company NanoConnect reflected declining year-on-year customer satisfaction scores. Based on existing quantitative research results, customer experiences were qualitatively explored and the findings mapped onto selected themes of the system psychodynamic model to describe consumer wellbeing. The model integrates concepts from system psychodynamic theory and positive psychology.

Firstly, the purpose of the research was to gain a deeper understanding of the organisation's declining customer satisfaction scores. Secondly, quantitative data from existing research results were triangulated with the qualitative data of this study to explore the original findings further. Thirdly, the research purpose was to determine whether the system psychodynamic wellness model could be applied to describe consumer wellbeing.
Four main themes emerged, namely Poorly defined brand identity, Perceptions of competitors, Limited customer contact and Limited range of products and services. These themes were integrated with the themes Identity, Hope and Love of the System psychodynamic wellness model.
The unique contribution of the study being reported here includes the application of a psychological wellness framework to the findings of the qualitative customer satisfaction research.

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