n Journal of Contemporary Management - Employees' service quality perceptions of Kenyan private universities

Volume 12, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1815-7440



This paper reports on an empirical study conducted among a sample 133 employees of private higher education institutions in Kenya, to examine the relationship between perceived service quality (SQ) and customer satisfaction (CS), using the HEdPERF instrument. Although service quality was measured using six dimensions namely: academic, non-academic, reputation, access, programmes and understanding, by using structural equation modelling, the six SQ dimensions needed to be collapsed into four, since these were significant to the employees' of private universities. The results partially support the proposed conceptual model that non-academic, access, academic and reputation dimensions have a positive and significant influence on the employees' SQ perceptions, and in turn influences their satisfaction. It can be inferred from the findings that university quality should not only be looked at in terms of academic activities alone, as non-academic aspects also need to be considered since they are deemed important to the employees. Since universities are in both national and international competition, management should aim at ensuring that all services i.e. physical, implicit and explicit are delivered to acceptable standards to realise increased satisfaction.

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