n Journal of Contemporary Management - Prerequisites to the on-boarding of effective virtual teams

Volume 12, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1815-7440



- This article reports on a qualitative, interpretivist case study to gain a deeper understanding on purpose establishment during the implementation of effective virtual teams within the software section of the technology industry of South Africa. Virtual teams are common in the technology industry, a strategic contributor to wealth creation, sustainable organisations and competitiveness.

- A purposive sample was selected, and data were collected through an electronic questionnaire and analysed by means of content analysis.
- Empirical evidence suggested that, because of flexibility, traditional management practices may not be effective in virtual teams any longer. A formal pre-existing electronic management system, networking and an alternative orientation towards technology, enhance team performance, effectiveness and competitiveness werefound to be prerequisites for successful implementation of virtual teams in an organisation.
- The study is limited to the software section of the technology industry of South Africa only. The themes however may be replicated in other organisations.
- This study contributes to the emerging body of knowledge on the effective functioning of virtual teams and labour relations orientation.

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