n Journal of Contemporary Management - Green supply chain management constraints in the South African fast-moving consumer goods industry : a case study

Volume 13 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1815-7440



Organisations, including those within the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry, are recognising the relevance of implementing green supply chain management practices in their operational activities. Within this context, the purpose of this article is to identify the green supply chain management constraints that an FMCG's factory in Durban faces, and to report on the remedies that it has in place to overcome these constraints.

This is article is exploratory by nature. Primary data were gathered through eight semi-structured interviews atthe factory, based on a purposive sampling technique. The article reveals that the constraints can be categorised into green procurement, green manufacturing, green transportation, and product recovery. Remedies that the factory has in place to overcome these constraints include the alignment of green supply chain objectives with its business objectives, and focusing on reducing waste. Recommendations include the improvement of supplier relationships and to encourage and motivate employees to embrace greening initiatives.
Studies on green supply chain management constraints in the South African FMCG Industry are limited. Therefore, the findings and recommendations of this article contribute to the existing body of knowledge by identifying areas through which green supply chain management in the FMCG industry in South Africa can be improved.

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