n Journal of Contemporary Management - Organisational culture in multinational organisations

Volume 3, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1815-7440



In the last ten years South Africa has seen a dramatic change in the way organisations and individuals, within the business environment, view culture, ethnicity, socio economics, gender and race. These recent developments are largely attributed to globalisation and diverse national and cultural origins. With more and more culturally diverse South African and foreign national employees entering the labour market, there has been a greater focus on culture than ever before. <BR>As South Africans one have been exposed to diverse cultures within a business, organisational and occupational context, however in today's complex and fast changing world of multinational business where workforce has become increasingly diverse in national and cultural origins, and work assignments are more commonly performed by team members of varying nationalities, managing multinational teams is fast becoming an increasingly important function.

This paper will explore the concept of organisational culture, and determine how cultural diversity impacts the business environment and how leaders manage cultural diversity within a multinational organisation.

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