n Journal of Contemporary Management - A study of work attitudes in an African country

Volume 3, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1815-7440



The work attitudes of 537 Swazi employees from more than 60 organizations are examined. Work is seen by more than 50% of the respondents as important for its intrinsic, physical, social and financial values. Working hard is also seen as instrumental to promoting future career, happy home and social life, although it appears to have less role in providing for a comfortable living and retirement needs. Aspects of the job which are liked or disliked are similar to the motivation-hygiene factors of Herzberg et al. (1959). Furthermore, there is evidence of unhappiness with their present jobs and their organizations. Moreover, these negative attitudes have begun to affect the respondents' attitudes towards life in general. Suggestions for improving job attitudes are made.

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