n Journal of Contemporary Management - Stakeholders' perceptions of city improvement districts : the case of Rondebosch / Rosebank

Volume 5, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1815-7440



The study reported here was undertaken to gauge stakeholders' perceptions in the Rondebosch / Rosebank area of Cape Town with the aim of using these views to guide the design of a possible City Improvement District (CID) for the area. Several surveys and some follow-up structured interviews were conducted. The surveys involved commercial property owners (21), commercial tenants (50), residents (102), shoppers (101) and students (1371). The questionnaires covered the areas of safety and security, litter / grime and cleaning, parking, informal trading, public transport, the public environment, and social issues.

The main finding in respect of safety and security was that it was ranked by all respondent types as the most serious problem in the area. A common complaint is the apparent lack of visible policing. Whilst the cleanliness of the Rondebosch / Rosebank area appears to be 'acceptable', graffiti is perceived as a nuisance. The availability of on-street parking is considered inadequate and vehicles parked on the street are not considered secure. Car guards are seen as annoying or threatening by many. Whilst the concept of informal trading enjoys wide support in principle, the majority of stakeholders want it to be managed by the local authority in specific ways. Mini-bus taxis are not viewed positively and the majority of respondents consider taxis to have a negative impact on the image of the area. The quality of the public environment is well regarded, although the maintenance of pavements and street lighting is seen by some as a problem. Whilst there is considerable tolerance of street children, vagrants and homeless people are perceived to detract from the image of the area, display threatening behaviour, and harass people for food and / or money .
A clear majority of participants would support the introduction of a Rondebosch / Rosebank CID.

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