n Journal of Contemporary Management - The level of corporate entrepreneurship within small and medium-sized enterprises in the sea freight transport industry

Volume 8, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1815-7440



Despite the variety of literature and studies that have been conducted on the topic of corporate entrepreneurship (CE), very few studies combine the topics of CE within small and medium enterprises (SMEs). This study aims to investigate the level of CE within SMEs operating in the sea freight transport industry in South Africa.

The study was conducted by means of the CE climate instrument, testing the six main drivers of CE. These indicators provide an accurate reflection on the currently prevailing level of CE within an organisation. The sample consisted of three SMEs which were selected based on size and the number of employees.
The study found that the prevailing level of CE can be classed as moderate within SMEs, with drivers such as rewards, reinforcement and organisational boundaries showing positive results. Other drivers such as management support, as well as climate specific variables showed disappointing levels of CE. The larger business showed much more promising results than its smaller counterparts did in terms of the prevailing level of CE. Females and respondents below the age of thirty tended to perceive CE much more positively than other respondents.

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