oa Journal of Construction Project Management and Innovation - An assessment of building elements' proneness to variation in Nigeria

Volume 2, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 2223-7852



Variations in construction had been studied by a number of researchers in the light of its causes and effects on project delivery, thereby taking for granted the susceptibility of building elements to variation. Thus, this paper becomes imperative to fill the gap with a view to examining the proneness of building elements to variation and assessing the control measures of proneness of building elements to variation before and during construction process. Data were collected using structured questionnaires administered on construction professionals in Lagos metropolis. Systematic sampling technique was employed in the administration of the questionnaire to consulting firms, contracting firms and client organizations within the built environment in the study area. The data were analyzed using statistical methods of average, percentage, relative significant index (RSI) and Spearman rank-order correlation coefficient. The results of the analysis revealed that excavation and fillings, concrete work at substructure, block work at substructure, roof and wall finishes were ranked highest of the building elements that were highly susceptible to variation. While internal doors, disposal installation, water installation, ventilation system, windows and external doors respectively were less susceptible to variation during construction processes of educational building projects in Nigeria. The paper further identified involvement of professionals at initial stage of project, client's involvement at planning and design phase, clear and thorough project brief and thorough detailing of design respectively as control measures of proneness of building elements to variation. The study recommended that the identified building elements which have been known to have a high degree of susceptibility to variation are to be given utmost consideration during the design and construction process in order to minimize their effects and contributions to variation with overall aim to improving construction project delivery.

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