oa Journal of Construction Project Management and Innovation - Perspectives for the implementation of lean construction in the Ghanaian construction industry

Volume 2, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 2223-7852



Lean construction, if adopted could prove to be highly rewarding to Ghanaian construction organizations, resulting in the reduction of waste and improvement in productivity. This paper presents results of a study to assess the perceptions of Ghanaian construction practitioners of the lean construction philosophy and to identify the level of knowledge in the construction industry. Structured questionnaire survey was conducted on technical managers of construction organizations and consultants to assess their perceptions of the lean construction philosophy and to identify the level of knowledge in the Ghanaian construction industry and measures to bridge the knowledge gap. A quantitative approach to data analysis was employed using mean scores of factors studied. There is the existence of a good level of awareness, but a low level of familiarity and application of lean construction among practitioners in the Ghanaian construction industry. Majority are considering the application of lean concepts in future. Lean principles are considered transferable to construction in Ghana and construction practitioners suggest that to deal with the knowledge gap, firms should change organizational culture that does not promote lean construction and the construction industry should organize workshops and conferences to increase the level of awareness and bridge the knowledge gap on lean construction in Ghana. The study should have covered all categories of contractors but due to lack of reliable information on small scale construction organizations, only large firms in the highest financial classes were covered. The findings from the study enable the Ghanaian construction industry to organize training workshops and conferences for key players in the industry to increase their level of awareness and to bridge the knowledge gap on lean construction. The findings of the study are of value to construction organizations seeking to improve productivity and work quality through the adoption of the lean construction approach.

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