oa Journal of Construction Project Management and Innovation - Use of ICT-based systems in site security management : a South African study

Volume 4, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 2223-7852



Adoption of information and communications technology systems for the enhancement of security management on construction sites is presented in this paper. The site security situation, key influencing factors, use, and impact of ICT-based security systems are examined in the context of South Africa as an emerging economy. The paper uses a purposive sample of special informative literature on construction in developing countries, technology transfer, ICT in Construction, and site security management. Deductions from literature review are complimented with field work using a case study of construction sites. Limitations of access to data sources were placed on the study. Nevertheless the case study approach ensured richness of data collected. Findings suggest the occurrence of security lapses and an appreciable need for site security on local construction sites. While there is availability of ICT-based security systems, there is an apparent lack of expedient adoption considering the benefits, and threats to site security. There is also attestable difference in the impact of adoption amongst adopters and rate of theft on sites which depend on manual systems for security management. Major implications include the need for more adoption of such technologies in site security management, especially in remote areas. In addition there is need to seek ways of using ICT-based systems to enhance the performance of manual systems in site security management. Furthermore the need to adopt such ICT should reflect on tenders for contracts ab initio. Findings from the study add value to the local body of knowledge on ICT in Construction, with regard to possibilities for site security management.

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