oa Journal of Construction Project Management and Innovation - An empirical assessment of ineffective communication inherent in the attributes of mass housing projects

Volume 5, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 2223-7852



Mass housing projects (MHPs) continue to experience significant communication difficulties among the project teams in their delivery which is largely perceived to be due to the influence of its unique characteristics. However, what is less known is the extent and nature of the communication problems caused by the unique features of MHPs. Through a structured questionnaire survey, empirical data were drawn from mass housing project team leaders of real estate organizations who have been actively involved in the execution of mass housing projects in Ghana. The crux of the survey was to identify the communication ineffectiveness among the project team that are inherent in the unique features of MHPs. Through the use of factors analysis as the analytical approach, three underlying clusters named in order of their significance as component 1: Access to information challenges, component 2: Challenges in flow of information and component 3: Import of information challenges were identified as the main communication ineffectiveness inherent in the unique features of MHPs experienced among the project team. These findings provide the necessary foundation towards planning and formulating communication strategies as well as developing behavioural skills needed to engender communication effectiveness in mass housing delivery. The findings 'misunderstanding' and lack of defined roles' emerging as communication ineffectiveness peculiar to MHPs also reinforce the uniqueness of mass housing projects compared to traditional construction building projects and thus useful for practitioners to gain insight into the project attributes and management intuition on MHPs.

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