oa Journal of East African Natural History - Identification of Aloes in East Africa

Volume 1967, Issue 114
  • ISSN : 0012-8317



Many readers of the Journal of the East African Natural History Society must, no doubt, be already acquainted with Dr. G. W. Reynolds' splendid book ""The Aloes of Tropical Africa and Madagascar"" which was published in 1966. Those who have tried to use it to identify Aloes in East Africa will probably have found Dr. Reynold's key to the groups into which he divides the genus difficult to follow and will have regretted the absence of any quick means of ascertaining which species have been found in any given area. The present paper is an attempt to supply the latter desideratum and to provide a key, which, it is hoped, will be easier to use. It is in no sense an original work and is not based on any detailed study of the genus. It is merely an attempt to reorganize some of the information supplied by Dr. Reynolds so as to make it easier to use. Nobody should try to use the present paper by itself to name Aloes. It should be used simply as an adjunct to Dr. Reynolds' book and if it helps the reader to arrive more quickly at Dr. Reynolds' descriptionptions and illustrations, by reference to which alone can the naming of Aloes be carried out with any approach to confidence, the aim of the author will have been achieved.

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