oa Journal of East African Natural History - Marine Botany of the Kenya Coast, I A First List of Kenya Marine Algae

Volume 1967, Issue 114
  • ISSN : 0012-8317



Although there are scattered records of Kenya marine algae in the literature there is only one previous paper known to the author which is specifically on Kenya Marine Algae. This paper was published by Gerloff in 1960 and apart from recording Lyngbya majuscula and citing previous records of Cyanophyta, it deals with a collection of Chlorophyceae only (Gerloff, 1960). The list of species from the East African Herbarium, mostly collected by Greenway and Rawlins, and identified by Gerloff is given in an appendix. At present Gerloff's list is published without comment. It is intended that the following list of Kenya marine algae will be followed by papers dealing more fully with the species and their distribution as well as with additional species. The plants listed below were all collected by the author and he is responsible for the identifications unless otherwise stated. Only a minimum of references to literature is included in this paper.

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