oa Journal of East African Natural History - Report on Bird Ringing in East Africa for 1966-1967

Volume 1968, Issue 116
  • ISSN : 0012-8317



Earlier reports in this Journal have covered the period from 1960, when ringing started, to 30th June, 1966 (Blencowe, 1960 and 1962; Smart, 1966). The present report covers the year 1st July, 1966, to 30th June, 1967, except that certain local birds which were ringed in July 1966 (and were included by Smart, loc. cit.) are not counted in this year's totals. It will be seen from the tables which follow that the present year was outstandingly good for ringing. John Smart, who left Kenya in April 1966, was responsible for much of the enthusiasm which made these results possible. His services will be greatly missed. The year was also marked by the first recovery of an East African-ringed bird found outside East Africa. The nomenclature used follows Vaurie for the Palaearctic birds and Mackworth-Praed & Grant for the African species.

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