oa Journal of East African Natural History - The Elopoid and Clupeoid fishes of East African Coastal waters

Volume 1968, Issue 117
  • ISSN : 0012-8317



Fishery statistics show that the herring-like fishes are among the most important in world fisheries of the present day (FAO, 1966). In East African waters, prior to the introduction of commercial pelagic fishing methods (EAMFRO, 1962; Losse, 1964, 1966), these fishes were exploited in very small quantities by a variety of indigenous fishing techniques, and virtually nothing was known of the species; their identity, biology or fishing potential. During preliminary biological and fishery investigations of fish caught by introduced purse-seine fisheries in the Zanzibar area of East Africa, it was found that accurate descriptionptions of species were required before these studies could be accomplished successfully. A large collection of clupeoid fish was therefore made during the routine investigations of the East African Marine Fisheries Research Organization (EAMFRO) from March 1963 to June 1966.

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