oa Journal of East African Natural History - A Note on the possible reproductive structures in Kenyan, Udotes orientalis A. & E. S. Gepp, Chlorophyta

Volume 1969, Issue 118
  • ISSN : 0012-8317



The genus Udotea is pan-tropical with extra-tropical (Natal Coast) extensions. Udotea orientalis A. & E. S. Gepp is an Indo-Pacific species. It has been reported from Kenya (Gerloff, 1960; Isaac, 1967), Mosambique and Natal coast of South Africa (Isaac, 1956). The Siboga Expedition records include Zanizbar in the Indian Ocean list; in the Pacific Ocean it has been reported from Queensland (Australia), China Sea and Japan (A. & E. S. Gepp, 1911). U. orientalis is widespread along the Kenya coast but it is generally less common than U. indica A. & E. S. Gepp. A third species U. flabellum (Ell. & Soland) Howe has been recorded for the Kenya coast (Isaac, 1967), but so far has only been found in the Lamu region (personal communication). U. orientalis is primarily an alga of quiet or protected waters such as those to seaward of mangroves and in lagoons. It is sometimes found in more exposed situations but not so much as U. indica. The morphology of Udotea is well known and has been fully descriptionbed by Gepp (1911). There is, however, no certain information and few published records of the reproductive structures, and hence it is worthwhile recording the observations made on the Kenya material of U. orientalis.

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