oa Journal of East African Natural History - Shallow soils and their vegetation in the region of Nairobi

Volume 1970, Issue 119
  • ISSN : 0012-8317



Shallow-soil areas are here defined as those where up to 20 cm. of soil covers the underlying rocks (fig. I), and eleven such areas were studied in the Nairobi National Park. The vegetation of these shallow-soil areas is not much disturbed by human activities such as cultivation and road-making, and is very sensitive to drought; it only grows after the rains, remaining dormant during the dry months of the year. The present study was therefore started soon after the beginning of the short rains in October, 1967. Elongated areas of shallow soils are usually found on the side of a valley or the shoulder of a profile following the contour in the position of maximum slope. In the Nairobi National Park such areas are found mainly in the western wooded part which has many river valleys, but some occur near the Observation Point and near Hippo Pool. Shallow-soil areas are bordered by grassland and woody vegetation on one side or on both upper and lower edges.

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