oa Journal of East African Natural History - The distribution of the Genets, Genetta genetta, G. servalina and G. tigrina in East Africa

Volume 1970, Issue 119
  • ISSN : 0012-8317



There are three species of genet in Kenya: Genetta genetta (Matschie), G. servalina (Thomas) and G. tigrina (Matschie). Of these G. tigrina is by far the commonest and is composed of two indistinct subspecies, G. tigrina erlangeri (Matschie) and G. tigrina stuhlmanni (Matschie). In this account the genets are treated at species level. G. genetta is a light coloured animal, the background colour being a dirty white, while G. tigrina has a much darker coloration; G. servalina has a yellowish-brown background colour with far more numerous markings. It is rare in Kenya, living in the remaining thick forests of western Kenya. The most recent record is from the Kakamega forest, collected in 1955. It is commoner in the forests of Uganda, several animals being caught in the Budongo forest in western Uganda in the last three years.

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