oa Journal of East African Natural History - Observations on MacKinder's Eagle Owl Bubo capensis MacKinderi Sharpe on a Kenya farm

Volume 1972, Issue 138
  • ISSN : 0012-8317



This paper amplifies the previous notes on this bird (Sessions 1966) and is primarily based on field observations made in the Mau Narok district of Kenya over the last eight years. It also aims to be a corollary to the paper on the distribution and systematics of Bubo capensis Smith by Benson & Irwin (1967), providing additional information on habits, and discussion of various points that arise. There appears to be no published work entirely on the habits of B. capensis, let alone on the race mackinderi, and details given in all the standard works of reference are scanty. To quote from McLachlan & Liversidge (1970) on the Cape Eagle Owl B.c. capensis Smith: ""remarkably little has been recorded about its habits. Data are urgently required."" These notes are taken from a large number of short observations made on this farm and environs to within a radius of 15 km. A descriptionption of the situation and topography of this area was given in Sessions (1966).

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