oa Journal of East African Natural History - Vidua fischeri (Reichenow) parasitic on Granatina ianthinogaster Reichenow

Volume 1973, Issue 139
  • ISSN : 0012-8317



A nest of Granatina ianthinogaster was found on II April 1970 in a low thorny bush, in long grass by the roadside, at mile 30 from Nairobi, Kenya, on the road to Ololkisaili: a generally dry area of grass and acacia thorn. A male bird was seen entering the thorny bush carrying a guineafowl feather and emerging later without it. The nest contained five eggs which were not examined. On 18 April 1970 the nest contained small chicks and on 25 April 1970 nestlings, which were examined, one of these had a brown rump and tail and the other four had purple rumps. Field notes were made of plumage and gape patterns. On returning later the same afternoon the area around the nest had been trampled by cattle and the bush almost flattened. A search revealed a rather mangled nest but fortunately the five nestlings appeared unhurt and they were taken in the hope that they could be hand-reared. It was suspected that the odd nestling was Vidua fischeri and, as the bird was raised to three months old, identification was confirmed.

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