oa Journal of East African Natural History - The birds of Budongo forest, Bunyoro province, Uganda

Volume 1973, Issue 141
  • ISSN : 0012-8317



From 1966 to 1970, under sponsorship of National Science Foundation grants GB 5107 and GB 7787, the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History made surveys of the fauna of the little known and dwindling isolated forests of western Uganda. The present report, dealing with the birds of the Budongo, completes the reports of the avifauna. In Budongo, two surveys were made under the supervision of the junior author, who himself accompanied the first one. These trips lasted from 14th June to 8th July 1966, and from 12th April to 4th June 1970. On the first survey the collectors were John G. Williams and Andrew Williams; on the second trip A. Williams, Ivan Bampton and Anthony Ziegler were involved. The first trip unfortunately came at a time of some political unrest which precluded the bringing of firearms into Uganda, and collecting was, therefore, limited to the use of mist nets. A second, longer trip in 1970 completed the results of the 1966 survey.

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