oa Journal of East African Natural History - East African bird ringing report 1972-73, 1973-74

Volume 1974, Issue 146
  • ISSN : 0012-8317



This report covers two ringing years, 1st July 1972 to 30th June 1974; no report was prepared for the 1972-73year because the number of recoveries awaiting publication at that time was very small. A number of changes have been incorporated in the present report and deserve some explanation. Only Palaearctic species are given in Table 1: in previous years Table 1 was becoming rather long and was beginning to resemble a check-list of East African birds; in the interests of economy, Ethiopian Region species are now omitted. A summary of Ethiopian species ringed is given in Table 2. Table 4 is new and it is hoped will prove useful. It summarises all recoveries received by 18th September 1974 and, for each species, the total number ringed and recovered is given. An examination of the figures in this table will show the almost incredible good fortune East African ringers have had with recoveries to Eurasia, bearing in mind the comparatively small numbers ringed here. The table, and Table 1, will also show that some species, although ringed in fair numbers, have yet to provide a recovery: why should the 1079 Reed Warblers Acrocephalus scirpaceus have resulted in two recoveries while the 2224 of the similar Marsh Warbler A. palustris have given none? This example is the more surprising since a proportion of the Marsh Warblers must come from Europe where the chances of recovery are greater than in Asia, whereas the East African Reed Warblers are almost certainly all Asian in origin. (The European population of the Marsh Warbler winters in eastern Africa and a Czechoslovakian-ringed Marsh Warbler was controlled in Nairobi in 1971).

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