n Journal of Educational Studies - Teachers' perceptions of assessment towards professional development : implementation of an integrated quality management system in South African education

Volume 10, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1680-7456



For more than two decades, the South African experience of teacher assessment and school evaluation especially in black schools has not been a positive one. Teachers felt that assessments were faultfinding exercises resulting in them feeling victimised. The purpose of this study was to evaluate teachers' perceptions of the link between assessment and teacher development. This was guided by the results of the Integrated Quality Management System. Self administered questionnaires from 305 educators were used to assess the link between educator and learner performance. The results indicate that teachers think that learner performance is directly linked to how the teachers perform while in class. This would affect performance of their teacher, thereby determining teachers' development through critical reflection. The Integrated Quality Management System signals a new approach to teacher performance evaluation in the South African education system, presenting an opportunity for the education authorities to build a quality education system.

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