n Journal of Educational Studies - Teacher attitudes in shaping the culture of South African public schools

Volume 11, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1680-7456



In this paper we investigated the attitudes of teachers in shaping the culture of schools. In the 21st century, schools face new challenges within increasingly diversified environments. Emphasis is now placed on the need for school leaders and teachers to continually and explicitly create, understand, and nurture school culture so that schools become adept at innovating within the pervasive context of educational diversity and renewal. We examined the culture of two schools in order to gain a better understanding of teacher attitudes of each school's cultural setting. Data were sourced from focus group interviews and observations. The major finding of this research revealed that the culture of schools not only have a significant impact on the conditions of both teaching and learning, but also on the extent to which values, beliefs and norms of connectedness, belonging, and identity are fostered. There is thus a critical need for principals and teachers to focus on the cultural environment prevalent within their schools.

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