n Journal of Educational Studies - Rethinking sustainable environmental education : intricate dynamics in technology practice

Volume 12, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1680-7456



Teaching practice is an activity that is directly related to the school and classroom environment. It plays a vital role in developing teachers in a teacher training programme and therefore, it is critical that students are exposed to various situations that may lead to the creation of a positive school and classroom learning environment. Furthermore teachers need to be exposed to the concept of a "professional community of practice", which is an important approach that has direct positive influence on the promotion of sustainable learning environments. The study used the concept of 'sustainable environmental education' to understand student planning practice. This study explores how student teachers exposed to the same learning environment within the same school teach the same topic. The study used case study method. Data was collected from 3rd year student teachers who were doing teaching practice in one of the schools at a township in a province of South Africa. The students were purposefully sampled based on the interest of the lecturer after observing their classroom. During the observation the researcher also collected lesson plans to check their preparation. The study revealed that most of the students do not work together during teaching practice. The results indicated that student teachers are less knowledgeable about the use of human resources as a tool for learning. Understanding of the intricate dynamics associated with this "conduct" of not working together may provide insight into what needs to be addressed so as to promote the power of unity which may then result in the creation of a sustainable learning environments.

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