n Journal of Educational Studies - Conceptualising mathematics (numeracy) as an everyday experience by learners in a multi-grade classroom

Volume 12, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1680-7456



This study focused on how the educator meaningfully introduces and teaches Mathematics (Numeracy) to Grade 1 to 3 primary school learners in a multi-grade classroom in such a way that it is perceived by learners as an everyday experience, while at the same time preparing them for higher-level Mathematics. As an observer, the researcher analysed data on classroom activities, learners' written transcripts, and interviews using a constructivist grounded theory approach and descriptive statistics. Data analysis revealed routines of practice such as maintaining open-endedness of the tasks, creating a context for mathematical connections and promoting understanding of generalisations. The educator created a context for mathematical connections between the assigned tasks and the learner's everyday experiences and also nurtured co-construction of ideas by creating opportunities for learners to collaborate, fostering collaboration, and balancing the support of discourse and content. Incorporating locally relevant contexts in the classroom, and translating unfamiliar contexts in the existing curriculum to situations that are more familiar and relevant to the learners, helps remove confusion surrounding contexts that frequently impede the learner's learning of Mathematics.

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