n Journal of Educational Studies - "We live in strange times. In our day all you had to worry about was a baby, now there are illnesses ... our children are in trouble" : parents' perspectives on the teaching of sexuality education

Volume 12, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1680-7456



Drawing on Wenger's theory of communities of practice, we explore parents of Grade 10 learners' perspectives on the teaching and learning of sexuality education. Two questions guided our research: What do parents understand about the teaching and learning of sexuality education? What does their understanding reveal about the teaching and learning of sexuality education in school? Our findings show that parents are not fully informed about what the sexuality education curriculum and teaching sets out to accomplish. Furthermore, parents are comfortable for their children being taught about sexuality as a precautionary measure, as opposed to it being a positive and essential part of human development. Parents were not agreeable to topics such as masturbation, sexual orientation and safe sex to be included in the sexuality education curriculum.

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