n Journal of Educational Studies - The emotional experiences of HIV/AIDS affected learners who stay with caregivers : a wellness perspective

Volume 12, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1680-7456



The study explored the life experiences of HIV/AIDS orphaned learners who were staying with caregivers. These were double orphans since both parents died. The study was conducted in Gauteng in an area characterised by poverty and unemployment. The study was qualitative in nature and the sample size was five orphans, two caregivers and one auxiliary social worker. Purposive sampling was used and data was collected by means of individual interviews. Each interview lasted between twenty to twenty five minutes and there was always a supervising adult while interviews were conducted. Participants were free to use any language they were comfortable with. Findings indicated that all five learners experienced sadness, hardened heart, anger, fear, retaliation, denial, and use of physical force amongst others. The study recommends that communities should collaborate with schools and try to enhance the emotional wellness of orphaned learners. A joint effort will ensure that the learners develop holistically.

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