n Journal of Educational Studies - Teacher education institutions and schools as partners : towards a model which strengthens the partnership relationship

Volume 13, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1680-7456



This paper explores ways in which the relationship between teacher education institutions and schools may be developed into partnership relationships, with a view to enhance of the professional development of teachers. Teaching practice is the essential component which links the schools, the teacher educator and the preservice teacher as an organic whole. Because of the different institutional contexts it is imperative that a common understanding about their respective roles is developed. This will contribute significantly towards nurturing and strengthening partnership relationships. A model as framework for the partnership relationship is proposed. This model was developed as a result of findings that emerged from research on literature about partnership relationships, with emphasis on different international models. The theoretical framework underpinning this model encompasses an understanding of the meaning of 'a community of practice'. The research is thus theoretical in nature and does not draw on fieldwork. It is recommended that an analysis of the collaboration between the different role players through meaningful dialogue, the development of a common understanding of the respective roles of the partners, and critique by all stakeholders, be undertaken in order to address the challenges posed by a partnership relationship.

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