n Journal of Educational Studies - In search of a model for best practice in student teaching practice : a comparative study of South Africa and Zimbabwe

Volume 13, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1680-7456



South Africa has embarked on an ambitious programme aimed at improving the teaching practice component of teacher education programmes within the country.This programme is two pronged: first, there is research being undertaken at the University of Johannesburg focusing on strengthening the university-school relationship regarding teaching practice. This initiative is aimed at finding a workable model for the establishment of Teaching Schools (TS) in South Africa. Second, a parallel initiative being led by the University of Stellenbosch is looking at coming up with a national model of Professional Practice Schools (PPS) in the country. Both initiatives are in response to the general dissatisfaction with the quality of school education in South Africa, which is largely blamed on the poor quality of teaching and, by extension, poor quality of teacher education in the country. Part of the data collected for the PPS research is used here to compare the models of teaching practice (TP) in use in South Africa and in Zimbabwe at the time of writing (2014). The aim is to establish similarities and differences in the two systems and see whether there could be some useful insights to inform the current efforts to improve the teaching practice component of teacher education in South Africa. The study, though largely descriptive and informative, provides some pointers to the direction future policy on teacher education in South Africa in general, and policy on teaching practice in particular, might take.

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