n Journal of Educational Studies - Teaching mathematics to learners with perceived attention-deficit hyperactive disorder at foundation phase : a case study of five grade three South African learners.

Volume 13, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1680-7456



The study investigated the teaching of Mathematics to foundation phase learners with perceived attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). The aim was to find out how teachers coped with the teaching of learners with ADHD without any formal training on how to handle such learners in mathematics. Behavioural patterns of 5grade 3 learners with ADHD were observed and recorded during mathematics classes and their progress records in the subject first analysed. To explore teacher effectiveness in handling learners with ADHD, focus group interviews were conducted with 5 teachers who taught mathematics to the 5 sampled learners at apredominantly rural primary school in the Vhembe District of Limpopo Province, South Africa. The study revealed that the teachers were able to identify learners with ADHD. Although the teachers without formal training on handling ADHD learners improvised some workable strategies to assist the learners, findings from this study indicate the need for formal training for the teachers on basic strategies to assist ADHD learners.

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