n Journal of Educational Studies - Science access students : an exploration of their cognitive test anxiety

Volume 13, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1680-7456



Test anxiety amongst Science access students is often not given the due attention that it deserves and this can be a potentially leading factor of success or failure amongst Science access students as they prepare for entrance to read for a degree. The current study focuses on cognitive test anxiety which refers to the worry filled thoughts a student encounters during or after an assessment with regards to their performance on that assessment. Data was collected using the Cognitive Test Anxiety (CTA) questionnaire ( and analyzed using an index based on the median that classified the students as high or low anxiety groups. Current literature suggests that there are a number of different variables associated with cognitive test anxiety. Via a logistic regression model, a relationship between student's cognitive test anxiety and five variables (gender, matric points, matric mathematics mark, lecture group and number of modules passed by students in their mid-year university examinations) was investigated. With respect to the CTA of Science access students, the variables matric mathematics mark and matric points were found to be the influential variables.

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