n Journal of Educational Studies - Exploring socio-cultural variables to social justice in education : South African educators' conceptualisation of a multicultural educational setting

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 1680-7456



Knowledge is an important ingredient for eradicating prejudice and implementing inclusivity in desegregated classrooms. Using the quantitative research methodology, this study evaluated 125 South African educators' understanding of concepts that inform multicultural education using a modified Multicultural Counselling Awareness, Knowledge and Skills Survey (MAKSS) questionnaire. Gathered data from the sample which was drawn from one South African province, were analysed using the Statistical Package of Social Sciences (SPSS) to calculate and infer on the educators' knowledge of multicultural education that was influenced by their racial background and educational qualifications. Results of the study indicated that there was a relationship between educational qualifications and educators' conceptualisation of multicultural education. However, there was no evidence of any significant difference between white and black educators' knowledge of multicultural education. From the results of the study, pre- and in-service training on multicultural issues is recommended for educators.

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