n Journal of Educational Studies - Educational access in South Africa

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 1680-7456



Access to education is a central pillar in development strategies linked to the Millennium Development Goals and the Dakar Framework for Action associated with Education For All. The framework of post-apartheid legislation embodies South Africa's commitment to the principles in the Education for All declaration and the right to basic education is enshrined in the South African Constitution. In terms of access, the South African case differs fundamentally from a number of developing countries, with near-universal access up to the end of the primary phase of schooling. This paper argues that while substantial physical and structural access to schooling has been achieved in South Africa, this does not guarantee that learners have equal opportunities or experience equal access to quality education. Emphasis has to be placed not only on expanded access but also on meaningful access. Initial structural change has little meaning unless it is shaped by regular attendance and progression through grades at appropriate ages, as well as meaningful and useful learning, achievement and completion.

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