n Journal of Educational Studies - Introduction

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 1680-7456



Ever since the promulgation of the South African Constitution in 1996, commentators on the South African education system have sought to interrogate the performance of government against the benchmarks of the rights entrenched in that Constitution. Analyses of the track record of the state in meeting the imprimatur of the Constitution point to a raft of weaknesses both in the political and administrative functioning of the relevant Ministries and their bureaucracies. These refer, invariably, to a lack of will and political commitment, weaknesses at the level of bureaucratic capability including for the conceptualization of the legislative mandate, and the many challenges of implementation at the level of the educational institution itself. These latter concern the vexed problem of 'delivery' and include questions about basic infrastructure, learning material, well prepared teachers and school principals, a meaningful curriculum, appropriate pedagogical strategies, orientations to language and other issues affecting the provision of schooling and the forms of exclusion prevalent in the South African education system.

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