n Journal of Educational Studies - Teachers' perspectives on the integrated quality management system in South African secondary schools of Limpopo province

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 1680-7456



The purpose of this study was to investigate the perceptions and attitudes of teachers concerning the implementation of the Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS) in South African secondary schools of the Limpopo Province (Vhembe District). This was done by interrogating the context and the content of policy documents as well as focussing on the training and the functioning of the structures involved in the implementation of the IQMS in five secondary schools. Thereafter, the perceptions, feelings and experiences of teachers regarding IQMS were captured. A literature study, observation as well as documents analyses and individual interviews were used to gather information through a qualitative method. Five secondary schools were randomly selected from one South African province, namely Limpopo Province. Six teachers were purposefully selected from each school and were subjected to a focus group semi-structured interview which lasted for 40 minutes. Thereafter, two teachers, from each group, were randomly selected and were involved in an individual semi-structured interview which lasted for 30 minutes. The results of the interviews were integrated with those of the analyses of the policy documents and records at those schools. Although it appears from findings that the appropriate structures for implementation are in place in some schools, the policy document and prescribed steps were not followed. Furthermore, teachers cited some anomalies and difficulties with regard to the implementation of IQMS. It was discovered that some teachers have a negative attitude towards the IQMS. The majority of the schools do not have management plans for the implementation of the IQMS. Consistency, feedback reports and follow-ups are sadly lacking. Most teachers indicated that the success of the implementation depends largely on whether the District Office, the school principal, the Staff Development Team and the Development Support Group play their roles effectively.

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