n Journal of Educational Studies - Students' reflective journals : how can we improve student learning?

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 1680-7456



In this study the researchers discuss how they continue to learn from the reflective journals that are submitted by their students at the end of each final year of study in the research methodology class. These reflective journals provide opportunities to learn about different ways of simplifying a university curriculum in order to improve the rate and quality of student learning and success. Constructivist instructional methods were preferred because they are all learner centered in that they not only place the student at the center of learning but they impose more responsibility on students for their own learning to enable active learning through focused and real life instructional activities. Although the case that is reported in this paper is contextualised within the Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education class of 2015 in one university of technology (UOT), the teaching and learning strategies used are applicable to both secondary and higher education classroom environments. The insights from the students' reflective journals indicate that the students not only learnt effectively but they enjoyed learning because they could also fit in new information learned from the research module into existing cognitive structures that enabled them to apply the learning strategies to other modules.

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